IBEW Museum

In 1891, ten electrical workers met in St. Louis, Missouri, to form the first national union for the advancement and safety of those practicing a challenging and dangerous craft. From their efforts came a legacy of pride, skill and dedication: the foundation of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

  • The IBEW is proud to celebrate its history through its unique museum at the union's headquarters in Washington, D.C. Through text, graphics, artifacts, interactive displays and video, the museum tells the story of the workers in the electrical trade.
  • Visit the IBEW Museum and learn how the union survived struggles, fierce opposition and internal divisions in the early years to take its place among the leaders in the labor movement. 
  • Touch the tools of the trade past and present and get a sense of the skills needed to work in the various branches of the IBEW. Find out how the structure and culture of IBEW local unions have enriched the lives of members and their families.
  • Put yourself in the middle of the IBEW Convention, the union's highest governing body. See the faces and read the stories of the leaders who stepped forward to guide the union through good times and bad. 
  • Whether you are a lifelong member of the IBEW, a student of labor history, or simply want to understand more about how the electrical workers of North America traveled the road from struggle to success, your visit will be a rewarding experience.
To learn more about the museum and available tour times, please visit http://www.ibew.org/media-center/IBEW-News-Media-Center/Visit-the-Museum.