General Office Security

Daytime Security

Security of your suite is important to us and we ask for your cooperation in maintaining its integrity. Be mindful of the differences between the hours of your reception area coverage and the securing and un-securing of the building front doors. If your reception area is not going to be occupied during times the front door security is off, we recommend you to keep your doors locked. Secondary doors to your space should be kept locked at all times.

Question anyone in your suite whom you do not know. Often, thieves pose as repair people or job seekers. Akridge personnel will be uniformed and carry an ID. Remind your staff to secure purses and wallets and secure lap top computers to a desk or table.

Additional Security

Kastle Systems has additional suite security systems available for a nominal cost if your firm requires additional security. There are several devices available to enhance daytime safety such as doorbells, door chimes and electric lock releases. If you need additional daytime security, please contact your Property Manager to discuss the security options available to you. Options may vary according to suite configuration.